EXPERIENCE SHOWERS – are termed as such due to their lavish showering options and luxurious cabin setting. We will install the latest technology into our canopies in order to create a unique experience and we will house the shower in a snail shaped enclosure.


Different showerheads, jets and coloured lights are fitted in the shower canopy. These are connected to present programs and are activated by low voltage electrical request buttons. Each experience shower has two or three hot or cold programs from the following;

  • Cool Fresh Rain
  • Side Body Massage
  • Caribbean Rain
  • Polar Rain
  • Atlantic Ocean Shower
  • Scottish Rain
  • Tropical Storm
  • Tropic Rain
  • Hot & Cold alternating Splash
  • Cold Spray Mist
  • Summer Storm

Each program runs for a set adjustable time and usually produces essence, light and water to stimulate the senses. Some programs even come complete with sound effects.

Embrace the total flexibility and creativity offered by this innnovative showering system. Seven individually controlled showerheads are tuned by a twist of the therapist's wrist from 'rain' to 'needle pattern'. By turning off individual showerheads, concentrated pressure flow can easily be focused to areas of the body - which is of benefit whilst performing hydrotherapy massage. Features include a 'swing away' rainbar and a thermostatic mixing valve. These features not only ensure the bather's comfort but, more importantly, their safety.

The super-soft mattress with the moulded face cradle provides ease of access for the therapist- enhancing the massage whether the bather is face down or face up.

Seaweeds and muds can be prepared in the table's side-bowl, keeping everything at the therapist's fingertips.

A hand-held shower is also provided, in order to simplify washing down the bather and table.


  • Swing away rainbar with seven showerheads each with individual shut-off
  • Hand shower for ease of rinsing and cleaning
  • Hydraulic lift for table height adjustment
  • Optional free standing floor base available

The luxury rain showers. Featuring a hydro massage system and fixed or changing chromatherapy lights.You can choose how the water falls – do you crave the drenching power of a waterfall or the lightness of a summer shower? The spray selections include rainfall, water blades and atomisation. The showerheads can be combined with wall-mounted spouts and adjustable wall-mounted mini showers to create your ideal environment.An oversized rainshower naturally lends itself to enjoying with a partner, making your showering experience something special. Not only that - the looks of the RainHeaven are in themselves remarkable. A huge square stainless steel panel has hundreds of outlets so that the water cascades as if from a cloudburst. It is also lit from within by LED lights, giving a futuristic feel.

Nowadays floor-level showers have become much more than just a trend. Specifically in private bathrooms, they are being used more and more as they combine aesthetic requirements with a high level of functionality. So, what does the shower itself look like? The snail shower design concept unites creative lines with natural forms. It still however remains just as simple and safe when used as all other premium brand design elements.
Snail showers consist of a floor element and the relevant wall partitioning. They are made of the wedi building board material and are supplied with a flush fitted floor drain (either vertical or horizontal), a specialist watertight coating and an integral slope.

In just 1.3 square metres of floor space Tylö has created a unique corner solution containing both a relaxing steam bath and a conventional shower. It’s a revolution in home spa design, compact enough to fit into any standard bathroom. Steam bathing is a pleasure enjoyed in gentle heat.

Humidity is 100 %, but temperatures don’t rise above 40–45°C, inviting you to linger a little longer and relax. Tylö steam shower i110/c is built around the same unique profile system as the rest of the Impression series and includes a shared space for showers and steam baths in aluminium, glass and high-gloss acrylic

Tylö Impression is remarkable for more than its ingenious compact design. Our Swedish designers set themselves the task of combining practical everyday functions with an elegant setting where you can relax and pamper yourself in style.

Tylette Centre takes up no more floor space than an ordinary corner bathtub, but offers much more in the way of comfort, convenience and flexibility. This hydro-steam cabinet turns bathing from a practical necessity into a highly pleasurable way to relax, recharge your batteries and get ready to face the challenges of a new day. It brings more choice into your bathroom – a self-contained world of water and steam where you can sit in comfort, unwind in clouds of soothing steam and enjoy the invigorating effect of all sorts of water therapy. And, so you can share these moments of bathing bliss, there are two fully integrated shower seats.




Cabin Shower - Black 1.
Cabin Shower - Cabin 1.
Cabin Shower - Cabin 2.
Cabin Shower -Black 1
Cabin Shower - Cabin 1
Cabin Shower - Cabin 2
Cabin Shower - Cabin 3.
Cabin Shower - Cabin 4.
Cabin Shower - Cabin 5.
Cabin Shower - Cabin 3
Cabin Shower - Cabin 4
Cabin Shower - Cabin 5
Cabin Shower - Cabin 6.
Cabin Shower - White 1.
Cabin Shower - Steam Shower.
Cabin Shower - Cabin 6
Cabin Shower - White 1
Cabin Shower - Steamshower



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