Chilled water pressure bath rejuvenates the body after a hot sauna or steam bath. The water temperature maintained is 5 Dig C. to 10 Dig C. Hot Sauna or Steam open the pores of the skin and Pleasure Shower cleans the skin & contracts the pores back to normal leaving behind a soft smooth, clean skin and a refreshing feeling. Research indicates that chilled water bath provides muscle simulation and also enhances mental ability reducing stress level.



When practiced for at least four weeks, cold-water therapy …….

  • Stabilizes blood pressure. Cold water triggers the autonomic nervous system, which controls involuntary functions, such as heartbeat and breathing to raise blood pressure, increase heart rate and constrict blood vessels. The autonomic responses strengthen with each exposure. This stabilizes blood pressure, improves circulation and balances other bodily functions, such as the sleep/wake cycle.
  • Enhances immunity. Cold water stimulates the release of cytokines and other hormone like substances that are vital to immune function.
  • Reduces pain. Cold causes the body to release endorphins, hormones with proven pain-fighting properties.
  • Improves moods. Cold water activates sensory nerves that lead to the brain. Cold water can be emotionally uplifting and prime a person for new experiences.
  • Recent finding: Breast cancer patients who underwent cold water therapy for four weeks experienced significant gains in their levels of disease fighting white blood cells, according to a German study.
  • See your doctor for a blood pressure test before beginning a cold water regimen. People with heart conditions and pregnant women should not use cold plunge pools.