After using a hot cabin like a sauna,there is no better way to cool down than to apply finely crushed ice over the body.The ice fountain can be a meeting point or focal point in a room with attractive elegant aesthetic appeal.


There are several different designs available:

  • Wall ice fountains
  • Decorative center Ice fountains
  • Low temperature cabins with ice fountains

The ice shoot can be visible or covered .It can be decorated with any custom design on the wall.It is also possible that the ice falls from he ceiling directly into the ice container may look like a fountain,be a glass bowl,stone trough,or even a tiled bowl.The crushed ice applied by rubbing all over the user bodies.This cold application stimulates the skin and blood circulation and strengthens the immune system.This unique refreshing treatment also tightens the skin and is revitalizing for the whole body and may be repeated numerous times.