Kneipp bath is another popular wellness treatment, based on the fivefold approach (hydrotherapy, motion therapy, phytotherapy, whole food nutrition and ordinal therapy). It takes from the hydrotherapy the idea of treating the body with water, changing its temperature from cold to hot and combines it with movements from the motion therapy for overall positive physical and psychological effect. Kneipp bath blends also treatments with plants (phytotherapy) to receive a healing effect with nutrient elements from the whole food nutrition (vitamins, etc.) and the idea of healthy lifestyle to achieve social and psychological benefits (taken from the ordinal therapy).

This hydrotherapy using altering action of cold and hot water supports tissue metabolism and capillary return. One is filled with cold and the other with hot water. The whole procedure consists in alternate diving of feet into cold and hot baths.

In the 19th century, the German priest Sebastian Kneipp (pronounced Ka-nipe) developed the water therapy system that bears his name. Today, variations of Kneipp therapy, or hydrotherapy, are practiced in spas around the world. The core element of this treatment involves the therapeutic application of hot and cold water. Kneipp's main motto is: "Inactivity weakens, exercise strengthens, excess harms". By having regular treatments, many of which can be done at home, the technique aims to increase blood flow, stimulate the metabolism, temper pain and boost immunity.



Good for: Improving general health and fitness, emotionally and physically. The Kneipp cure is advisable to persons with headaches, neurovegetative dystonia, cold feet syndrome, varices in initial stage and is suitable for the release of ankles and leg joints.