Rest assured that when you buy our product, it is built with love, made to last, and we’ll be here if you ever need us. No matter how much therapists or spas have to spend on their massage tables, they want the best value for their money. Rather than compromise on quality or features, our designs table packages that are better than ever.

1. Lockers and Cubicles


360 Wellness offers a range of modular walls for washrooms, showers, washbasin tops which guaranteeing excellent privacy and perfectly finished elements. In addition to this, we also provide lockers, benches, treatment tables and relaxing launchers.


2. Treatment Tables


A luxurious option, available for any of our massage tables, adds a new level of comfort and treatment options for your clients.360 Wellness represents top of the line portable massage table. Precision crafted using beam technology and the finest, eco-friendly materials available. Clients will love the luxurious cushioning system and buttery upholstery. Designed by the world’s leading massage table manufacturer to last a lifetime of professional use.


3. Relax Loungers


The new Wellness loungers stand out due to their original and unique shapes. They set individual accents in wellness areas in a variety of styles and designs and can be harmoniously integrated into the total room concept. Colours and formats can be combined to produce unique designs.